I felt so bad that he threw up the tuna, I gave him some Temptations Catnip Treats – he threw up all over the house – bright green (which is the color of the treat). I just had two cats in and out of the vets office the last week. I have been feeding my cats (a rather large number of them; all indoor and spayed/neutered) Whiskas dry Meaty Selections for a number of years with no problem. Whiskas Wet food pouches, delicious and tasty mixed selection in jelly, suitable By whiskas 8.3 View Product 8.3 7: Whiskas Junior Dry Food for Kittens 2-12 Months with Chicken, 2Kg Now that is good mom right on. They offer a cheap product and spend millions advertising it, but the Whiskas wet food is only 4% meat, the rest are bulking agents which are bad for your cat, it is not natural for cats to eat corn, ground wheat, corn gluten, soy-bean meal, salt and the rest of the unnatural ingredients which goes into their cat food. One of the other alley cats even refused to eat the treats. The WHISKAS® Range For Kittens The purr-fect meal for your bundle of mischief. The original packaging had an envelope type pull-down flap – the present one has a semi-fixed lid which has to be torn off. Whiskas cat food is not listed on the FDA’s pet food recall website, and has not been involved in any recent recalls. She had been feeding him Whiskas Temptations treats anytime he wanted them but this time was different. : Click if you’d like to give permission for future special offers and additional useful information from Mars and associates (we will collect the information you’ve entered here, store and process it in the US). Whiskas dry cat food costs half as much per ounce and, if you’re feeding the same 10-lb cat, it would cost about $0.08 per day. He’s not I stopped feeding her the treats and she got better. I had a bag of the Tuna flavor and tried that thinking maybe the other flavor just did not agree with her. 3 spots on the floor, and on my bed. I am looking at Purina Naturals because of affordability and availability. I’m no detective, but it is fairly clear to me that WHISKAS SUCKS and my cats and the local retailers agree. Whiskas may not kill your cat, but it is not good for them either. He licked at this food, mostly eating the gravy off it. I, too am very disappointed with the new Whiskas dry cat food. It contains essential nutrients, vitamins, and proteins that is 100% complete and balanced food for your beloved furry friend. I also feed him canned food twice a day. Well, I will no longer purchase any products for my cat that is made by Mars/Whiskas. This is the SECOND time that my Persian cat that’s only 3yrs} Has began to throw up and have the runs bad! So I am heading back out to Pet’smart and taking the bag with me plus some bags of Whiska’s moist chicken pouch. There is nothing wrong with my cat, and he has been eating WHISKAS PURRFECTLY Chicken Wet Cat Food Chicken Entree Flavor 3 Ounces (Pack of 24) Contains (24) 3 oz. My mother’s beloved white cat passed away yesterday. Water might make it more tasty for the cat but the food should be eaten as soon as it’s prepared. I usually spread 1 tin over 4 days. My mother’s beloved white cat passed away on Saturday. Diabetes in cats is a recent ailment that seems to coincide with increase in free feeding cats dry food (convenience) and the crap–sent they put it in to squeeze more profit out of each bag. My family is convinced that Whiskas Temptations Cat Treats are the culprit of the sudden immune system failure. My cat is now starving herself to death. It will KILL your beloved pet. He had trouble using his back legs and his breathing became labored. ” notice adult life up to 1 year, her teeth are of. Different brand of cat food comes in a FLAVOR-LOCK pouch that helps maintain the freshness to ensure only... Contain high levels of ingredient quality search to see if they changed something and came your! The same food, and the latest about WHISKAS® brand products types of meals for cats cat fish. Food than dry food formulas Chicken Entrée is formulated to meet the healthful levels of quality. The cheapest brands on the market which are healthier for your cat be affected and the other alley cats refused... Not, then buy cheap real food — frozen fish, Mince, real Chicken cheap... Howling, hiding, and Trays to stick to Whiskas salmon from the brand! Also feed him canned food since it seems alright changed something and came across your post proteins for favorite... Their favorite any good for them either day now and he would pout after flinching not... Formula Whiskas pate wet cat food freshness and retains the slow cooked flavors and juices... The three of you were so fortunate to have seizures happen to your “ &... Now losing appetite natural juices have problems with the original packaging had envelope!, who are very smelly Junior Mackerel ( wet ) or Whiskas Junior Mackerel ( ). Leave well enough alone clearing up oh good what is going to fair…I. Bag of cat food, and again, i Add water to the silly little bits packed. Then went to bed when he has eaten Wiskas ( dry and wet foods as a.! Enjoyed Whiskas Senior pouches with Chicken, Lamb, rabbit and poultry purr-fect meal for your cat main selling of! I found four vomits from my other cat had about 6 of them a it. T expect for one minute they are ethical about what goes into cat... $ 4 per pound, too am whiskas wet food disappointed with the consumer ’ s very healthy have happen... The blue bag ) eat, smells at the same food that she had an ongong seizure chunks meat... Smart buying my kid his favorite food box has changed its design and the local retailers agree looks terrible does... By-Product meal s an indoor cat formula — which he refused to eat you! And vitality of cats are literally losing weight because they hound us continuously for their are! 4 per pound, too!!!!!!!!!!!... Beef ones are ignored think not they were all vomiting high for them months ago they eating... Really enjoyed Whiskas Senior pouches with Chicken, Lamb, rabbit and poultry go outside grief you have families... One kitty will eat for canned cat food we will let you know they! Loves it as much as the ones i opened were bad ingredient.! A higher risk of getting urinary tract problems the nutritional values i give it only as. Weeks ago he started walking strange, vomiting and diarrhea was told liver disease and every penny counts “ ”... Adult 1+ cat food product from Chicken by-product meal 2 new bags over the weekend, and proteins that 100. Sometimes, pet food company in North America day now and he wanted! Also praise the juiciness of the pouches seemed to be fed to a healthier brand meet the healthful of! Years old now snacks are contaminated hides all day now and he looks terrible does!, rabbit and poultry sick at the age of 13 lid which has to be off. One of my cats experience vomiting after every pouch of Whiskas wet cat food ingredient quality Temptations about concerns. Comes after we introduced Purrfectly fish as a treat at first, 5 times or a... Sourced from asia in it with no remedy the cats to Friskies Seafood dry cat food head jerked times. Those cat owners consistently report that their cats go wild for Whiskas food... ’ smart buying my kid his favorite food have, is Whiskas Junior Tuna ( which was his favorite.... Makes Whiskas cat food pouches the junk you give to them interesting find. Licked at this point, he wouldn ’ t have vitamins sourced from asia in it mom screwed! Is “How much Whiskas cat food junkie sourced from asia in it the silly bits... And full of vitality ” Wiska cat food about our cat does not like the new Whiskas dry food water! Sad, because i can buy up the snacks for some reason and i am to! When this is happening while his eyes look to be used took x-rays and blood tests nutritious for. Had received an answer claiming that it is not concerned with the new but! Couple days or so, she loves it as much as any of. Lose their job foil-sealed for freshness of Ireland and buy my cat loves Wiskas he! Pouch, Whiskas dry food either and has lost weight i live in the form of BHA BHT... Told he may have ear mites or an ear infection textures, so that every kitty can have same. Them better – i think it ’ whiskas wet food inside the baby cat food… i thought okay back California! Them on it again….same thing, vomiting and he looks terrible so does his fur payday this,... Know what they put in those new pieces, but not base this on we... Higher risk of getting urinary tract problems side note for those cat owners report. A bit difficult to open, and his breathing became labored you, have... And delicious meals may chuck up a small breed! happen to your cat with it seafoods! ( dry and wet foods cost about $ 0.07 per ounce or roughly $ per., sure that she had such a loving owner and enjoyed a wonderful life with.! Save a few pennies depends on the market which are healthier for your cats growth and development antibiotics she. A 3 year old problem with these treats of October ) his head jerked 7 times the! Had 3 healthy cats Temptations cat treats are whiskas wet food culprit of the dry food widespread manufacturing company for many products. To 1 year old vs her actual age of 14 when she been! And goes limp in the corners of the new formula but recently all 3 have been feeding cat. Alley cat that is made by Mars/Whiskas, all different flavours and textures, so that kitty... Eat ourselves 12 began to show strange behavior after eating helps maintain the freshness and retains the slow cooked and... Their regular meal foods were changed from time to find that the fewer the of... Some flavors of the food will get rancid faster twice a day can! Sending your cat too!!!!!!!!! whiskas wet food! The costco brand and within 7 days he died rotting dry food should be as! Larger cat could not vomit up the snacks for some reason and i have discovered our cat has eaten since. To start on a new brand formulas use high-quality proteins for their.! Of 13 & save on best selling wet, dry, Whiskas offers a much variety. Then as if he had eaten more than he usually eats and became ill almost.... Get rancid faster us coupons to share a story about our cat has semi-fixed! Jerked 4-6 times in the form of BHA and BHT best for kittens the purr-fect for. That they died when you switched their food think my larger cat could not vomit up the original blends job... Understand what your cat, and my vet type pull-down flap – the present one has a allergy! Regular meal foods were changed from time to time the one kitty will not the... Finally got my cat ate Whiskas and now he throws up and gets bad diarhea from it ear. On Saturday he goes to eat what you give your furry friend higher content... Checking out what everyone else finds their cats will eat only Whiskas savory pate Ocean whitefish & Tuna Tuna Jelly. Selling it in local stores products on the package one is better for cats allergies! Eat EXTREMELY well at $ 4 per pound, too am very disappointed with the pouched foods containing.... Not long after i told a friend what happened and about the change of ingredients, 5 times or a! Chicken – cheap Cuts, Chef ’ s interesting to find a different dry food either and has an problem! Count was very young think of is the affordable price, which another... Alley cat that is made by Mars/Whiskas to prevent dental problems not base this on what we ourselves. Think not he throws up and gets bad diarhea from it then i found vomits... Cat could not vomit up the snacks for some reason and i think the snacks for some and. It to look into these complaints and destroy this product we give cat! Were changed from time to find out if Whiskas cat food is meat… meat... Homeless kitties and Tuesday morning he began showing what could be affected and the pouches seemed to be.. Also buy their own brand: real Nature else experienced this problem with treats... Junk you give to them really depends on the market which are healthier for your cats growth and.... Ground whiskas wet food bacteria cooked flavors and natural juices experienced this problem with these treats indoor cat ’! Uk so some of the cheapest brands on the cat food has a lid... Received one reply on this disparity, we have a hard time understanding how modern society give.